Topco Vulcan Cyberskin Realistic Anus

Topco Vulcan Cyberskin Masturbator - Anus
Cost: ~$11.13
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Initial Thoughts
When we first saw the Vulcan Anus male masturbators, we were skeptical of what sort of quality we would get, considering how inexpensive it is. After putting it through its paces, we’ve got to say, it’s well worth its cost. The overall design of the Vulcan Anus is quite realistic and makes it a great toy to have when on a budget. The Cyberskin material is incredibly soft, is able to stretch to handle many sizes, despite how small the hole is, and that it can retain heat to give increased realism.

Considering how small the entrance is for this toy, we had reservations on whether or not I could fit, but, after applying a bit of lube to both myself and the hole, I was able to slide in without any issue. The ridges inside the center chamber of the Vulcan provided truly fantastic stimulation. If you want to add an extra layer of pleasure when using this toy, squeeze the sides when sliding it down and relaxing when sliding up to give an enhanced sensation of stretching the hole as it’s being penetrated.

Even though this product is able to stretch quite a bit, if you are above average, you may not be able to use the Vulcan as designed. The plastic enclosure has a diameter of 2.13 inches and a depth of 6.5 inches. This coupled with the 0.5 inch thick walls of the Cyberskin sleeve means that there is little room for compression if you well-endowed. Thankfully, the sleeve is easily removable and can be used without the plastic enclosure to allow anyone of any size to use, as the Cyberskin is extremely flexible.

The next concern we had with the Vulcan Anus was how easy it would be to clean when done. As it turns out, it is effortless to clean. The Cyberskin sleeve can be removed, the plastic shell can be washed out with warm, soapy water, and the sleeve can be flipped inside out and washed with warm soapy water or any toy cleaner. Once washed, the sleeve can be lightly coated with cornstarch or any Cyberskin preservation powder to maintain softness and integrity of the material. It is not recommended to use either baby oil or any silicone based lube with this toy, as it can quickly break down the material and damage the product prematurely.

All things considered, if you are in the market for a masturbator sleeve and you aren’t looking to spend a lot of money, you really can’t go wrong with this. Just be sure to use water-based lubricant, clean it, dry it, and add cornstarch after each use to maximize the longevity of this product.

Overall Length: 6.5in/165.1mm
Shell Width: 2.13in/53.98mm

Sleeve Overall Diameter: 2.36in/59.95mm
Sleeve Wall Width: 0.47in/12.11mm
Sleeve Hole Diameter: 0.59in/15.05mm

* Made of Cyberskin material
* Reusable sleeve, makes for easy cleaning
* Usable with our without plastic casing

* Realistic feeling material
* Inexpensive product

* Material is porous
* Eventually, this product will break down
* May not be ideal for larger sized individuals
* There is a slight smell that does transfer to skin after handling.

* Use water-based lubricant
* Clean and care for this between uses
* Soak in warm water for 30-60 seconds before use for a more realistic feel.

Product Profile
Vulcan Anus Profile

Sleeve and Container
Vulcan Anus Sleeve

Ventilation Holes
Vulcan Anus Vents

Main Hole
Vulcan Anus Hole

Sleeve Length
Vulcan Anus Sleeve Length

Container Length
Vulcan Anus Container

Peek of Ribbed Center
Vulcan Anus Ribbed

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