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Vixen Creations Leo
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Cost: ~$64

Initial Thoughts
After hearing many recommendations for the Vixen Creations dildos, we decided to review the Leo. The Leo dildo is one of our new favorite additions to our collection. We could not be happier with the overall quality of this product.

The Leo is made from 100% medical grade silicone and has no seam line along the shaft. There is zero scent/smell nor is there any taste to the material. Both my Domme and I love the density of the Leo, as it is a firm core that has a slight amount of give at the surface of the shaft. This design allows for incredibly easy anal insertion. The firmness is surprising, as this toy is in their single-density line of products.

The head of the Leo is meticulously designed and leads to a fantastic feeling when inserted. From there, the shaft is incredibly smooth and feels like its gliding across freshly frozen lake as it slides in. This, coupled with the beautiful curvature means that the Leo hits all the right spots (g-spot or prostate).

For it’s price, you genuinely can’t go wrong with the Vixen Creations dildos. They are very well manufactured, made of high quality material, and are amazingly well designed. If you are looking for a new toy to use on yourself or your partner, regardless of gender, the Leo dildo is worth every penny.

Insertable Length: 7.5in/190.5mm
Thinnest Circumference: 4.75in/120.65mm
Thinnest Diameter: 1.53in/38.79mm

Widest Circumference: 5.13in/130.3mm
Widest Diameter: 1.70in/43.09mm

* 100% Platinum Silicone
* Suction Cup Base
* Strap-on Harness Compatible

* Body-safe, non-porus material
* High quality manufacturing
* Perfect curvature for prostate or g-spot stimulation
* Perfect rigidity for any type of penetration
* Suction-cup base ideal for mounting to smooth surfaces or in a strap-on harness

* Pronounced head may be too intense for beginners to anal
* Surface can easily attract lint or hair

* If you are looking for a slightly above average sized dildo, invest in the Leo dildo
* To sterilize, boil for 2-3 minutes or simply use an anti-microbial toy cleaner

Leo Showcase



Product with Packaging
Leo Packaging

Insertable Length
Leo Length

Widest Diameter
Leo Diameter

Tip Circumference
Leo Tip Circumference

Base Circumference
Leo Base Circumference

Size in Perspective
Leo Size Perspective

Underside of the Tip
Leo Underside of the Tip

Base Width
Leo Base Width

Base Height
Leo Base Height

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