The Dodil – Worlds Only Shape-able Dildo

Cost: ~$93 + Shipping
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NOTICE: We received this product free of charge for the purposes of reviewing it. This fact does not change nor sway my opinions.

Initial Thoughts
The Dodil is a one-of-a-kind dildo that allows the user to shape it to meet their preference. It is an incredibly simple process to change the shape of the Dodil. Per the instructions, bring 3 2/3 cups water to a boil. Once at a boil, place the Dodil in the included thermos, with the logo facing up. Add the boiling water and close the thermos and let sit for 30 minutes. From there, pour out half of the water and let the Dodil sit for 30 seconds before handling. When you get to this point, let your creativity shine.

For the best molding results, we had to run the Dodil under cold water to slightly firm up the core material, as everything we did initially would deform back to its neutral shape. When it was fully heated, it had a similar feel to a Stretch Armstrong doll, but by the time it was completely cooled, the core was hard and unflexable. The included plastic rope was quite helpful with forming rings while rinsing the Dodil under cold water to decrease the setting time.

The overall design of the Dodil is quite ingenious, as it is an ABS plastic (lego material) base, moldable thermoplastic core, and 100% silicone outer sleeve. This design provides the best of all worlds, as the thermoplastic can take any form when warm, but the silicone allows the toy to be body safe and simple to clean/sanitize. Because of the structure of this toy, it is not able to be molded with intricate details, but more pronounced shapes. It would not be the easiest toy to shape into a “realistic” shape, but seeing as it is able to have a smooth, sleek form with the perfect angle for you, it will be an amazing addition to your toy box.

While the Dodil has the ability to be shaped and molded into a large number of shapes, its entirely possible to form it into less than ideal forms. Due to the core material, the overall rigidity of this dildo can lead to an incredibly uncomfortable and unusable shape. When we first re-molded the Dodil, it had an intense curve. This curve, while aesthetically pleasing, did not work out in the least for insertion. Thankfully, we were able to reform this toy to have a more gradual curvature to give a more pleasurable experience.

Furthermore, we wanted to see if the 30 minutes soaking in boiling water was really needed. After 5 minutes in the water, there was a slight amount of give for the surface, which could be useful for smoothing out that one slightly malformed part. After 15 minutes, there was enough of the core malleable to allow us to create a spiral groove throughout the shaft. It did, however, take 25 minutes to modify the curvature of the shaft.

All things considered, the unique design and functionality of the Dodil makes for an incredibly fun, flexible, and versatile dildo that is only limited by your own imagination and creativity.

Initial Shape:
Circumference: 5.25in/133.35mm
Diameter: 1.64in/41.76mm
Overall Length: 7.5in/190.5mm

* 100% Silicone outer sleeve
* Non-toxic termoplastic core
* Moldable dildo
* 3 2/3 Cup or 900ml Thermos capacity with dodil inserted

* Can be formed into many shapes to match your toy preference
* Body-safe material
* Easily sanitized by the reshaping process

* When first out of the hot water, difficult to form into detailed shapes
* Shapes will not be highly detailed

* Understand when determining shape, it will be solid when set
* Let the Dodil soak in heated water for 25-30 minutes if adjusting the curvature.
* The included thermos is not completely water-tight, so it must be kept upright and on a water-safe platform

Dodil Showcase

Firmness and Flexibility

Product with Packaging
Dodil Packaging

Standard Form Length
Dodil Length

Default Diameter
Dodil Diameter

Dodil when warm

Reshaped Dodil
Dodil Reshaped

Improved Shape
Dodil Reshaped

Dodil Size perspective

Dodil Instructions

Thermos Interior
Dodil Thermos

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