Strap U Evoke Strapless Strap-On

Strap U Strap U Evoke Product
Cost: ~$35.38
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Initial Thoughts
While the Strap U Evoke strapless strap-on had potential to be a high quality, inexpensive alternative to the Tantus Feeldoe, but it fell short in its goal. One of the biggest issues we had with the design of this dildo is the bulb shape and position does not allow it to stay inserted easily. During our first attempt to use this toy, as my Domme was trying to insert it into me, it kept slipping out of her. After several attempts, we were not able to properly use this toy for it’s intended use and because of this, we had to trade out for another, more reliable toy.

We may try the Evoke again with a strap-on harness to keep it in place, but in doing so, it does defeat the purpose of this strap-on being strapless. All things considered, we would not recommend this product as an alternative for the Tantus Feeldoe or Simply Strapless dildoes. The overall shape of the shaft of the dildo is unique in that it is more like an egg, where its height is much thicker than its width. Our hope was that the design would allow for a better strapless experience with pegging, but we were disappointed with the results.

Design aspects put aside, this dildo is very well made, using medical grade silicone. There are no noticable seam lines throughout the dildo, nor are there any manufacturing defects. Additionally, the toy has a very neutral scent, which is an ideal property for sex toys. The included vibrator/bullet was of decent quality, but only had one setting, which may be either too soft or strong, depending on your preferences. Based on the design of the Strap U Evoke, the vibrations were only noticable through the bottom half of the shaft, and minimally within the bulb.

Bulb Thinnest Diameter: 31.63mm/in
Bulb Thickest Diameter: 35.08mm/in
Bulb Thinnest Circumference: 122.24mm/4.813in
Bulb Thickest Circumference: 127mm/5in
Bulb Insertable Length: 88.9mm/3.5in

Shaft Head Diameter: 38.38mm/1.51in
Shaft Thinnest Circumference: 124mm/4.875in
Shaft Thinnest Diameter: 39.37mm/1.55in
Shaft Thickest Circumference: 133.35mm/5.25in
Shaft Thickest Diameter: 42.42mm/1.67in
Shaft Insertable Length: 177.8mm/7in

* Made of 100% Medical grade Silicone
* Uses 3x LR44 batteries
* Design intended for strapless strap-on play
* Waterproof bullet vibrator
* No Scent/smell

* Quality production with no seam lines
* Inexpensive price
* Unique bulb design

* Design inefficient for strapless play

* Use with a strap-on harness to maintain insertion in wearer
* Invest in either Naturally Yours Simply Strapless Dildo or Tantus Feeldoe

Product Profile
Strap U Product Profile

Strap U Size Perspective
Strap U Size Perspective

Overall Length
Strap U Overall Length

Bulb Length
Strap U Bulb Length

Shaft Length
Strap U Shaft Length

Head Thickness
Strap U Head Thickness

Shaft Thickness
Strap U Shaft Thickness

Shaft Flexibility
Strap U Shaft Flexibility

Bulb Thinnest Point
Strap U Bulb Thinnest Point

Bulb Widest Point
Strap U Bulb Widest Point

Bulb Flexibility
Strap U Bulb Flexibility

Strap U Firmness

Vibrator Loudness

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