Strict Leather – Ride Me Mouth Gag with Dildo

Strict Leather Ride Me Mouth Gag with Dildo
Cost: ~$23.93
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Initial Thoughts
When we first noticed the Strict Leather Ride Me Mouth Gag, it sparked the curiosity of both myself and my Domme. Having a new take on a ball-gag that would allow for my Domme to control what I could say, while at the same time, allow her to use my face as her personal sex toy was appealing to both my submissive side and interest in objectification.

Considering the insertable portions of the Ride Me Mouth Gag are not made of silicone, we didn’t have much hope for the leather to be of any quality. Boy were we wrong. The material used for the straps and gag support is a well-fashioned leather with an extremely soft, unfinished backing.

Both of the insertable ends of the Ride Me Mouth Gag are made from PVC, but unlike toys made by specific vendors (with a medical professional based name), this product had no smell or taste, which was a good thing, considering what this material was going to be used for. When the Ride Me Mouth Gag was placed on me, it was incredibly comfortable to wear, with no pinching or chaffing from the straps. Furthermore, the gag in my mouth fit perfectly, allowing my jaw to rest open, without overextending, which would allow me to wear this gag for extended periods of time without risk of fatigue when in use. Despite the two ends having hollow centers, they were both rigid enough to stand up to intense sessions of use without collapsing in on themselves.

My Domme tested out this gag with two primary positions, straddling my face and laying back with my head between her legs. For the former, the overall size of the exterior dildo made for simple insertion, which allowed her to immediately use me for her own pleasure. If you, as the receiver of the external dildo, are used to either face-sitting or having sex in the cowgirl/reverse cowgirl positions, you should have no issues with straddling your partners face and having a good time. She was able to penetrate herself much deeper when riding my face than when I was on top. Additionally, the curvature of the shaft, in this position, was able to hit her G-spot perfectly.

When I was pulled between my Domme’s legs to put this gag to use, she greatly enjoyed grabbing me by the back of my head and treating me like her favorite sex toy to get herself off. With this position, I felt more like an object for her pleasure than when she was riding my face. While I do enjoy feeling her hand on the back of my head, guiding me as I thrust the toy into her, it almost felt, at times, like I was a chicken going after pieces of corn, by bobbing back and forth. I don’t think that I could maintain this position nearly as long as her on top, because it puts significantly more strain on my neck.

External Dildo Dimensions:
Inertible Length: 5.5in/mm
Tip Diameter: in/30.61mm
Base Diameter: in/35.45mm

Gag Dimensions:
Insertible Length: 2.5in/mm
Tip Diameter: in/35.39mm

Maximum Strap Length: 22.5in/mm
Minimum Strap Length: 16in/mm

* Heavy-duty Leather straps with buckle
* Dual dildo design for both members to enjoy

* Quality leather material
* No/minimal scent & taste

* PVC material
* Non-removable dildos

* Only use this toy with one partner as the material is porous.
* For deeper penetration, face-sitting will provide the best results
* Experiment with different positions to see what works for you

Product Profile
Ride Me Mouth Gag with Dildo Product Profile

Insertable Length
Ride Me Mouth Gag with Dildo Insertible Length

Gag Length
Ride Me Mouth Gag with Dildo Gag Length

Tip Thickness
Ride Me Mouth Gag with Dildo Tip Thickness

Base Thickness

Gag Thickness
Ride Me Mouth Gag with Dildo Gag Thickness

Buckle Length
Ride Me Mouth Gag with Dildo Buckle Length

Strap Length
Ride Me Mouth Gag with Dildo Strap Length

Overall Strap Length
Ride Me Mouth Gag with Dildo Overall Strap Length



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