Letsgasm Dildo – Purple & White Swirly

Letsgasm Purple & White Swirly Dildo
Cost: ~$9.95
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Initial Thoughts

When we invested in the Letsgasm Swirly dildo, we didn’t have high hopes for the quality of this product, based on its price. We were blown away by how well this dildo was made. If this dildo was sold by any other manufacturer, it could easily fetch $30-$40 easily, if not more.

The material used for the Letsgasm dildo is 100% platinum silicone, with a luscious matte finish. The entirety of the shaft of this dildo is completely smooth with zero evidence of any seam-line. Additionally, due to the use of high-quality material, this dildo has no scent/smell or taste. Furthermore, the suction cup on this toy is incredibly strong and will provide enough support to keep it attached to any smooth surface.

This Letsgasm dildo has a perfect balance of give and firmness to allow for simple and easy insertion. The density of the dildo is roughly Shore A10 rated, which means a firm core with a surface that can lightly compress. The firmness pairs nicely with the smooth, sleek shape that tapers from the tip to a nice wide base. When using the Letsgasm dildo in a ring-based strap-on harness, we had issues trying to determine the correct size ring to fit the base. Even with the appropriately sized retainer ring, towards the end of our test session with this toy, because of the thin and flexible suction cup, it did come loose from the strap-on harness. When we relied upon the suction cup base to adhere to a flat surface for use with a fucking machine, we did not have any issues with it losing suction or coming loose.

All things considered, this dildo is a winner. Based on the quality of the product, fantastic design, top-notch material, and bottom dollar price, we cannot recommend the Letsgasm dildo enough. After going through our testing processes and procedures, we liked this particular toy so much, we invested in a second one to keep as a backup, should we experience any sort of structural issues with our current one.

Tip Diameter: 40.09mm/1.58in

Shaft Circumference: 123.95mm/4.88in
Thinnest Shaft Diameter: 37.08mm/1.46in
Thickest Shaft Diameter: 43.29mm/1.70in
Shaft Insertable Length: 190.5mm/7.5in

* Smooth Satin Finish
* Medical Grade Silicone
* Suction Cup Base

* Incredibly Inexpensive
* High Quality production
* Zero scent/smell
* Amazing satin texture
* Strong suction cup that won’t quit

* Suction-cup base may slip out of strap-on harness

* Get this dildo if you want an inexpensive, high-quality product
* Use the suction cup base on a smooth surface to have hands-free fucking.

Product Profile
Letsgasm Purple White Swirly Profile

Overall Length
Letsgasm Purple White Swirly Length

Diameter of the Tip
Letsgasm Purple White Swirly Tip Diameter

Diameter at the Base
Letsgasm Purple White Swirly Base Diameter

Letsgasm Purple White Swirly Circumference

Size Perspective
Letsgasm Purple White Swirly Size Perspective



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