Locked In Lust – Crotch Rocket Strap-on Harness

Cost: ~$79.95
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NOTICE: I received this product free of charge for the purposes of reviewing it. This fact does not change nor sway my opinions.

Initial Thoughts
When we received the Crotch Rocket strap-on harness, the first thing we noticed was the smell of leather. Upon further inspection, we discovered that the harness was made of high-quality leather. It was at that point that we realized that this was going to be one of our go-to strap-on harnesses.

One of the biggest benefits of the Crotch Rocket harness is that it provides enough room for the wearer to either be locked up in chastity or it can be used for double penetration. The overall design is one of the only strap-on harnesses designed for male wearers, which makes for the best possible experience for any guy.

The material used for the straps of this harness is incredibly soft, comfortable, and does not dig into the wearer’s side, unlike other harnesses that we have used in the past. Furthermore, the positioning of the ring provides an ideal angle for penetration.

The way the harness is designed, it can be quickly put on or taken off. The best advise we can give for anyone who purchases the Crotch Rocket strap-on harness, try the harness on before using it for the first time. The two parts of the harness could be a little confusing or overwhelming at first to understand how they should be positioned. Once you have the parts figured out, try the harness on to get the various buckles to a comfortable fit. Then open a single waist buckle, which will allow for the harness to be put on at a moments notice without having to adjust multiple buckles and straps to get the harness on.

If you are looking to invest in a quality strap-on harness that will last for years, the Crotch Rocket is the way to go. It showcases high-end manufacturing, using quality material, and a well thought out design. All of these components combine to create a product that will make both the wearer and receiver incredibly happy.

Waist Min Length: 34in/864mm
Waist Max Length: 52in/1,321mm

Leg Min Length: 15.5in/393.7mm
Leg Max Length: 24in/609.6mm

Cage Spacing Available Length: 3.75in/95.25mm
Cage Spacing Available Width: 3.75in/95.25mm

Ring Inner Diameter: 1.98in/50.18mm
Ring Outer Diameter: 2.63in/66.76mm
Ring Thickness: 0.33in/8.30mm

Clasp Inner Length: 1.75in/43.47mm

* Authentic leather material
* Removable steel retention ring
* Adjustable straps
* Designed to be worn with chastity

* High end production
* Chastity compatibility
* Incredibly comfortable to wear

* Initially confusing design

* Invest in a few sizes of stainless steel O-rings for compatibility of multiple sized toys
* Try wearing the harness once in a non-sexy environment to prepare the buckles/straps
* Enjoy yourself

Harness Parts

Wearing the Harness with the Vice Mini

Front of Harness

Back of Harness

Harness Ring

Ring Thickness

Ring Clasps

Harness Back Length

Harness Front Length

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